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Samsung Toner-Cartridge black (ML-1210D3, 1210)

Samsung Toner-Cartridge black (ML-1210D3, 1210)
Samsung Toner-Cartridge black (ML-1210D3, 1210)

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Article-number.  386050
Label(s)  Samsung
Hersteller-Nr. 1ML-1210D3
Hersteller-Nr. 2ML-1210D3/ELS
Hersteller-Nr. 3ML-1210D3/SEE
Product code1210
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Product description:

Samsung Toner-Cartridge Kartonage black 2500 Pages (ML-1210D3, 1210)

Type of productOriginal
Kind of productToner-Cartridge
Pack1 Pack
Capacity *2500 Pages
Page capacity2500
Capacity and page numbers (independent from product) are manufacturer´s specifications, backing 5%.
The productivity can differ , depending on the personal printing behaviour, from the manufacturer´s specifications.

Ersatztoner, Farbtoner, Laserkartusche, Lasertoner, Toner, Toner-Cartridge, Toner-Patrone, Tonerkartusche

ML-1210D3, ML1210D3, ML-1210D3/ELS, ML1210D3ELS, ML-1210D3/SEE, ML1210D3SEE, 1210

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