Dataproducts DP 1500 BP

Dataproducts DP 1500 BP
Model:DP 1500 BP
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Canon Ink-Roll purple (4180A001, E91-0010)
Artikel-Nr.: 112260
Hersteller-Nr.: E91-0010, 4180A001
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Device groupmatrix printer
Group Carma9800
Group DKCanon Canola CP 1
Group No.0730
Model VariantBP
USA group (engine)Canon Canola CP 1
eCl@ss v5.1.419-02-02-06
eCl@ss v6.1.019-14-01-05
eCl@ss v7.0.019-14-01-05
eCl@ss v8.0.019-14-01-05
eCl@ss v8.1.019-14-01-05

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