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Data privacy statement

The TopData GmbH attaches great importance to guaranteeing the customers´s data privacy and secrecy of telecommunications concerning the arrangement of its products and services. Our websites may contain links to websites by other providers, to which data privacy statement shall not extend to.

Data privacy on our websites
Acqusition and processing of personal data
If you visit our website, our webserver save by default acess-data, i.e. the IP-adress of your access, the website, by which you visit us, the websites, which you visit with us and date and duration of your visit. This saved data is only evaluated for statistical purpose and by no means forwarded to a third party . Beyond that personal data is safed only, if you specify the data of your own accord, e.g in line with a registration, a survey,a contest, an online-application or the closing of a contract .

The TopData GmbH uses cookies in order to track the visitors´preference and thus to be able to arrange the websites in am optimal way. Cookies are small data files, which are deposited temporarily on your hard disc. The information which the cookies contain serves to ease navigation and allows a high degree of usability of a website. Of course you can also view our website without cookies. Our cookies do not contain personal information, so that your privacy is protected. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. It is possible to obviate the saving of cookies on your hard disk by choosing the browser-setting "not accept cookies". Please check your browser-manufacturer´s manual how this works in detail. If you do not accept cookies, this may lead to impairment of our product offers.

Utilisation and circulation of personal data and appropriation
The TopData GmbH uses your personal data for the purpose of technical administration of the website, for customer management, for product surveys and for marketing funktions respectively only to the necessary extent. You can be assured that your data is used only for with the respective survey linked purpose.

Inquiries of respectively transfer of personal data to/by governmental organisations and public authorities are carried out only within the framework of mandatory national legislation. A transfer of your data to a third party does not happen without your explicit agreement. Our members of staff as well as partner companies are obligated to be reticent and to keep definitive statutory provisions of the data privacy laws .

Data privacy for TopData GmbH customers und such who want to become likewise
Orders via the internet
The TopData GmbH provides the opportunity to order, via the provided online-shop, goods and software respectively. During the process of ordering, for this we collect your personal master data.

Acess to personal data in „My account“
Using your personal account on our homepage („My account), as a customer of TopData GmbH you have the opportunity, to access your personal data anytime, and to verify or change these data conveniently on-line.

Email advertising (newsletter)
We use your adress- and order data in order to send attractive offers to you. If you want to adjust your newsletter-profile, this is possible anytime under the heading of "My account". Please feel free to send any questions via e-mail to our following e-mail adress: info@intern.td

Upon receipt of your deregistration we willpromtly stop further mailing of newsletters .

On demand the TopData GmbH informs you as promptly as possible in written form, according to applicable law, if and which of your personal data was saved by our company. Should there, despite of our endeavor to feature correctness and actuality of data, be found uncorrect information , we will adjust these on your demand.

Management representative in the matter of data privacy:

TopData GmbH
Gubener Str. 47 A
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Deutschland  Berlin-Friedrichshain, 01.06.2005

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